Living rooms and working spaces - Picture Frame

SGG PICTO is a 2.1 mm glass with two micro-textured sides that contribute to its anti-glare properties sought after in framing applications. 


How does it work

SGG PICTO is a glass dedicated to framing applications, ideal for:
- Hanging Frames
- Standing Frames
- Clip Frames
Its anti-glare properties emphasize the intensity of colours and ensures perfect sharpness of the photograph.
To optimize the product’s functionalities, the glass must be placed in direct contact with the picture.


SGG PICTO is an anti-glare glass which eliminates reflection and allows clear vision from every point of view.
• Thanks to its optical properties, SGG PICTO totally respects the picture.
• Highlights the contrast between colours without distorting outlines.
• Guarantees the clarity sought after in this application.
• Easy to clean.
• No ageing.


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The micro-textured anti-glare glass for framing applications.