Step 2: Improve our environmental impacts

Responsible sourcingRESPONSIBLE SOURCING

The natural raw materials used are silica sand (60%), dolomite (16%), limestone (6%) and alumina carriers (2-3%). Soda ash (16%) and sodium sulfate (0.5%) are mainly of synthetic origin.

Saint-Gobain Glass is supplied wherever possible by the local subsidiaries of global actors, their extraction or production sites often being certified ISO 14001 or in the process of being certified.

Suppliers must comply with the Saint-Gobain Suppliers charter and answer a Sustainable Development questionnaire. They are also audited by the Saint-Gobain technical teams and purchasers who measure both environmental management and worker health and safety management.

"Suppliers and subcontractors adopt a cautious approach to environmental issues and responsible environmental practices.They implement policies to manage and improve their manufacturing processes in order to minimize their environmental footprint.

In particular, they strive in their respective fields to achieve
  • efficient energy consumption to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • efficient consumption of natural resources,
  • less waste discharged and the implementation of recycling and reprocessing solutions, and
  • lower emissions into natural surroundings and other forms of pollution.

Suppliers and subcontractors encourage the development and distribution of environmentally-friendly technologies supporting the achievement of the objectives listed above."

Extract from the Saint-Gobain Suppliers Charter

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