SGG PICTO is a 2.1 mm glass with two micro-textured sides that contribute to its anti-glare properties sought after in framing applications.
It is produced following the same process as for patterned glass.


SGG PICTO is a glass dedicated to framing applications, ideal for:
- Hanging Frames
- Standing Frames
- Clip Frames
Its anti-glare properties emphasize the intensity of colours and ensures perfect sharpness of the photograph.
To optimize the product’s functionalities, the glass must be placed in direct contact with the picture.


• SGG PICTO is an anti-glare glass which eliminates reflection and allows clear vision from every point of view.
• Thanks to its optical properties, SGG PICTO totally respects the picture.
• Highlights the contrast between colours without distorting outlines.
• Guarantees the clarity sought after in this application.
• Easy to clean.
• No ageing.


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