SGG TIMELESS : The new shower glass from Saint-Gobain Glass


SGG TIMELESS is an anti-corrosion shower glass designed for shower screens, shower enclosures and bath screens.



Lasting transparency, easier to clean


  • High degree of transparency and neutral appearance

SGG TIMELESS consists of a very clear glass to which a virtually invisible coating is applied. SGG TIMELESS is therefore very transparent and does not alter colour perception, irrespective of the thickness of the glass.

  •  An anti-corrosion effect for a lasting transparency

Day in, day out, the glass is protected against corrosion, so that is does not become whitish and maintains its attractive appearance.

  • Easier to clean glass

Water slips over the surface of the glass, which limits limescale deposits and marks. Any residual marks clean off more easily than on non-treated glass.

  • High durability treatment

SGG TIMELESS is obtained by magnetron deposition of a coating of metal oxides. This treatment lasts over time without losing its effectiveness, and can withstand all types of industrial processing (patents pending). 


Anti-corrosion : transparency guaranteed 10 years


SGG Timeless

The surface of SGG TIMELESS is permanently protected from water and remains smooth. Limescale and dirt do not adhere on the glass that is easier to clean.

Non-treated glass

Over time, small whitish rough patches appear on the surface of the glass, which attract limescale and dirt.

Capture d’écran 2014-11-17 à 10.49.00.png

Capture d’écran 2014-11-17 à 10.49.05.png

Magnified image of SGG TIMELESS shower glass that has been in daily use : no rough patches visible


Magnified image of ordinary shower glass that has been in daily use : visible rough patches


Capture d’écran 2014-11-17 à 10.50.09.png

Capture d’écran 2014-11-17 à 10.50.16.png

Shower after shower, SGG Timeless remains shiny and keeps its transparency.


Despite regular cleaning, the shower glass becomes whitish and loses its transparency.



Accelerated ageing test : Exposure in hot (Temperature : 50°C) and damp (Humidity : 95%) environment for 14 days.


The SGG TIMELESS treatment has a 10-year corrosion warranty. For details and conditions of the warranty and recommendations for installation and maintenance: see the documentation.







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