MAGNETIC GLASS MARKER BOARD is a new element of decoration made to harmonize with any interior. Reflection and refraction of light on these surfaces create fascinating effects that vary according to ambient conditions.
The VITRIO range of lacquered glass also allows for limitless colour choice.
MAGNETIC GLASS MARKER BOARD is basically an extra-clear DIAMANT glass with a thickness of 4 mm on the back of which is applied an extremely hard-wearing lacquer, then a metal plate. This results in a magnetic lacquered glass.
Ideal for magnetizing photos or directly writing your shopping list, the MAGNETIC GLASS MARKER BOARD can also be an element of decoration in itself.
The dimensions and colours of the MAGNETIC GLASS MARKER BOARD can be totally personalized. It is also imprintable thanks to a digital printing technique developed by GLASSOLUTIONS.


The MAGNETIC GLASS MARKER BOARD may be used for all lacquered glass applications in:
  • offices and schools;
  • residential environments;
  • living and storage spaces;
  • kitchens, for cupboards as well as magnetic board or message board;
  • mirrors;
  • partitions.
It can also be nuanced with touches of colour to match furniture surfaces, cupboard doors, etc.


  • Display for drawing, wirting or magnetized objects
  • Endless palette of shades and hues in perfect harmony with any type of interior decoration
  • can be personalized to suit any taste
  • variety of dimensions, markings, digital printing, colours, logos and many more options are available for this product
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable: resist all kinds of household products and most chemical products
  • Friendly to the environement : made of 95% recycled materials


MAGNETIC GLASS MARKER BOARD can be made to suit any desired size and choice of colour.
The maximum length is 3.300 mm for a maximum surface per glass panel of 4 m².
The maximum weight for the 4 mm glass is 10 kg/m².
MAGNETIC GLASS MARKER BOARD can be created from all opaque glass products available in 4 mm:
  • PICTUREit;

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