CREA-LITE is manufactured by softening clear or body-tinted glass at high temperature.

As a first step, a mould is milled with a personalized relief taken from a photograph or a numerical file. The glass is then placed on the mould and heated up to 800°C. The heat forming begins when the glass softens and assumes the 3D shapes of the mould. After that operation, the glass is tempered.

CREA-LITE can also be coloured by printing on glass. Powders are placed on the surface and heated with a special cycle.


CREA-LITE is suitable for indoor and outdoor use:
  • wall cladding;
  • façades, double glazing;
  • windows;
  • doors;
  • fixed or sliding partitions;
  • tables, furniture;
  • shower cubicles and bath screens;
  • signs;
  • trophies, decorative objects;
  • balustrades and railings;
  • floor slabs.



  • High luminous transmission;
  • protection of privacy;
  • translucent;
  • original bespoke design for each project;
  • possibility of 3D relief and printing;
  • relief to a maximum difference of 11 mm;
  • permanence of texture and colour;
  • a broad colour range;
  • colour fastness;
  • large sizes available;
  • safety glass: tempered and heatsoaked;
  • possibility of drilling.


  CREA-LITE Termoformed glass CREA-LITE RELIEF Thermoformed glass with relief CREA-LITE COLOR Thermoformed glass with coloured enamel
Type of glass 6-8-10-12 6-8-10-12 6-8-10-12
Thickness mm 300x300 300x300 300x300
Dimension mm min 1,200 x 2,700 1,200 x 2,700 1,200 x 2,700
Dimension mm max - 11 mm With or without relief



  • cutting to size and shape;
  • drilling and boring;
  • fitting in double glazing;
  • laminated/ tempered glass.

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