Being a product of the SGG PLANITHERM glass range, SGG PLANITHERM 4S and SGG PLANITHERM 4S EVO are manufactured on a magnetron coater. It is made of high quality SGG PLANILUX clear float glass on which a coating has been deposited by magnetron sputtering under vacuum. The resultant microscopically thin, metallic coating very effectively reflects long and short wave heart radiation for combined low solar factor and thermal insulating (low-E) properties.



SGG PLANITHERM 4S and SGG PLANITHERM 4S EVO can be used for windows and façades in residential or non-residential buildings (schools, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, sports centres).

Its neutral appearance makes it particularly suited to vertical glazing for year round comfort, whilst maximising the transmission of natural light.



  • In wintertime

- Energy savings due to reduced heating requirement

- Reduced condensation on the inner pane

- Improved comfort due to reduced colds spots and drafts: no cold areas around windows

  • In summertime

- Improved comfort due to reduced overheating

- Cost reduction where there is air conditioning

  • In all seasons

- Environmentally friendly thanks to the CO2 emission reduction



Monolithic glass

  • Standard thickness: 4mm and 6mm
  • Substrate: clear float SGG PLANILUX
  • Size: Split sizes and Jumbo size (6000 mm x 3210 mm)
  • To be tempered version: SGG PLANITHERM 4S II

Laminated safety glass

  • Numerous possibilities of compositions, including one or more PVB interlayer foils
  • Acoustic laminated glass SGG STADIP SILENCE

For other thickness and dimension, please contact us.



Product Light transmittance LT (%) Solar factor g Shading coefficient (SC) External light reflectance LRe (%) Internal light reflectance LRi (%) U-Value (EN 673)
            12mm air  16mm argon
SGG PLANITHERM 4S  64 0.41 0.47 26 24 1.5 1.0
SGG PLANITHERM 4S II 64 0.42 0.48 26 24 1.5 1.0
SGG PLANITHERM 4S EVO 59 0.37 0.42 22 25 1.5 1.0



SGG PLANITHERM 4S and SGG PLANITHERM 4S EVO should always be assembled into a double-glazed unit. The coating is generally placed on face 2 of the unit. The coating along the edges is removed then placed inside the cavity. It can be laminated prior to its manufacture in IGU. It should be stored in a dry and well ventilated location; please read our guidance for use. In case of need of tempered glass, there is a post temperable version.


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